Needing some nap time/ teething advice!

Ashley - posted on 12/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son just turned 6 months old and has recently been switched over from breastfeeding to formula. he has adjusted to that well and even started sleeping better at night (he only wakes up 1 time to eat at night now, when he was nursing he would wake up at least 4 times a night no matter what i tried.)

The problem that i need help with is that just recently he has started refusing his daytime naps and so he is constantly extremely over tired and cranky. I am pretty sure that he is refusing sleep because he's started teething, but what can i do to fix it? teething gels don't soothe him enough for him to take a nap and neither does a cold teething ring or even a warm bottle. tylenol does help him a lot but i don't want to give it to him too often if i don't have to. Him not taking naps is becoming a very difficult thing to deal with during the day and my husband hasn't been much help recently either so i feel like i never get a break from the cranky baby.

so what can i do to help calm him down enough to take a nap? any tricks for soothing his gums?

thank you!

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