Needing stress relief tips so my 2 kids don't drive me more nuts than I already am.

Claire - posted on 02/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My kids, ages 4 (girl) and 3 (boy), are 13 months apart. I am primarily a SAHM and am going crazy. Hubby works normal hours and gets to spend time with us daily. Maybe it's just cabin fever getting worse, but I need some help with stress relief and dealing with preschool-aged attitudes. Locking myself in the bathroom doesn't work anymore since they figured out how to get in.


Amanda - posted on 02/12/2012




I go to the gym and do yoga, I always feel awsome after a class, and boxing is great for relieving all my pent up frustrations.

When my kids drive me mad I take them out, get them on their bikes and go for a walk, feed the ducks, go to the park.

On days where we can't get out I will sometimes take them to an indoor play centre and sit down and have a coffee and watch them go nuts.

I have a cammomile tea before bed, always relaxes me and I get a really good nights sleep.

They could just be bored too, and not getting the mental stimulation they need. I know my nearly 4 yr old drives me up the wall some days but he has a collection of preschool learning workbooks (writing skills, dot to dot, sticker books) and he can just help himself when he wants to do them.

Take a relaxing bath, get some bath salts or bubble bath, light some scented candles and lay back and relax.

Put some music on and dance round the house like a crazy person, my kids always join in after telling me I'm silly.

If all else fails chocolate and wine after the kids go to bed

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