Needing support, feeling territorial and overwhelmed.

Rachel - posted on 03/02/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm 32 weeks along with twins, getting closer and closer to my due date. I've become intensely territorial and overwhelmed about having my boys. I've begun feeling like a horrible wife for not wanting much to do with the in laws as they have become over bearing and unsupportive in how I feel. My husband can't reassure me and thinks I'm being really unfair and mean to them. Yet, they can say anything they wish, hurt my feelings, and make crude jokes, and it's fine.
I discovered I'll be having a c-section, which is fine as long as the boys are safe, but I'm terrified of surgery as I've never had it before. I know everything will turn out fine, but my only wish was not to be bombarded by a ton of people while in the hospital. I requested only my family and a select few of the in laws who can visit, as they can keep me calm. Turn to find out though, the in laws plan on just showing up anyways thinking I'm over exaggerating and being selfish. My husband seems I'm over thinking it, but I know how his family can get. As they already don't like how I plan on parenting, which is non of their concern. I can't seem to get support from my husband. Makes me feel like just another hormonal pregnant lady (what he likes to call it). I'm just at a lost for words and can't express my feelings without being shut down.

Anyone know how to handle or deal with this?
You're more than welcome to share your stories as well!

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