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Billie - posted on 02/27/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Wade is 1.5 yrs, he has twin boy cousins and a girl (Ainsley) cousin all 3.5 months older, when we're around them it feels like he's really far behind, I know for sure of only two words that he can say, where his cousins all talk pretty decently. In general they just seem way smarter, I know all kids are different, I just feel like he should be farther along. When I'm trying to teach him something he usually gets distracted by something else. Repetition is one thing my Mom keeps talking about but I was wondering if anyone could give me some tip and/or tricks for teaching him words or what things are, etc?


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Michelle - posted on 02/27/2015




Far out!!! He's only 18 months old, let him be himself and stop comparing him to other children.
All children learn at different rates so stop trying to get him to keep up with other.
Like Sarah said, 3.5 months is a big gap in babies so of course he won't be doing what they are.
The best way to encourage talking is to talk to him like an adult, no "baby talk", that way he will always hear the words and will eventually realize he can also say them.

Sarah - posted on 02/27/2015




Just talk.....3.5 months is huge when are are talking about his age. They are gaining SO much at that age that you really can't compare. To help your son learn words just talk. When he wants something say the word for it. When you are on a walk talk and point at what you see.

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