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I dated a guy for 5yrs, 2mths to our wedding l caught him with a girl having sex.I told him its over, he pleaded n pleaded even my mum plead on his behalf n he promised nt to do it again ever. We got married barely 3mths after after d wedding he started having affairs, l did everything in my power to satisfy him sexually, make him happy n even sending love messages by text n letters, despite dat am aware he is cheating on me bt its all in vain,.in 2008 l gave birth to our daughter,l thot it will make him happy n he will stop since he is now a father bt l was wrong, he got worst, he starts bringing the ladies home when am nt around n take dem to our neighbour home wen l am home. As if that was nt enough, he don't take care of me or his daughter, he don't gives allowance nt even cash for home up keep, he is bossy n worst of all he starts taking vigra. My marriage will b 7yrs dis year n my daughter is 4yrs, l don't want her to grown up in a place like dis bc l get angry, uipset, scare n disappointed. My family said its happening in every family l should forgive him bt how long will l keep forgiving him


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Louise - posted on 03/27/2012




Once a cheat always a cheat. I say get out and start a fresh for you and your daughters sake. He does not respect you or value family life. Move away and start again, meet a nice man that loves you and respects you. All you are doing is allowing him to behave like this. NO MORE. Take action and show your daughter that you and she are worth more than this. It is not easy and it is a big step to take but you will be much happier in the end I promise. xx

Krista - posted on 03/27/2012




Honey, you should have stopped forgiving him the FIRST time you caught him cheating on you.

He's not going to change. And there's nothing that you can do to make him stop. He is making the CHOICE to screw around on you and treat you like shit.

And your family is wrong. This is NOT happening in every family. Far from it. There are plenty of men out there who treat their women with respect, and who honor their marriage vows. Those are the REAL men, not your sad, sorry excuse for a husband.

I usually recommend counseling, but with a man like this, who is so blatantly disrespectful to you? Don't waste your time or energy. Get your daughter, pack your bags, and get the hell out of there. You're MUCH better off without him.

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