negative pregnancy test but tons of symptoms, could the negative be wrong?

Lauren - posted on 05/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I had unprotected sex on april 12. it was kind of a spontaneous thing so I didnt even think about the fact that I was ovulating (later found out when I googled it cause last period started march 30). about a week after I was noticing I was really tired. I have 2 children already and I was falling asleep with them when I'd put them to bed. I also noticed really crazy vivid dreams.I thought I started my period the 28 of april (which was on time) but it wasn't bright red blood like usual. it was brown and only a little bit. only lasted a day and a half and all I needed was a pantyliner. I read online to see what this was about and came across implantation bleeding. so then I was really freaking out I might be pregnant so I took a test. but it was negative. since then my stomach has been extremely bloated, cramping in the uterus area like a pulling sensation and I have been having headaches daily. I also am a big coke drinker and recently it hasn't sounded good at all. all I've wanted is water. I also checked my cervix and its been very soft and high for weeks. Ive been crying pretty much daily at the drop of a hat. the last thing is 2 days ago I noticed my previous stretch marks from my earlier pregnancies are getting darker. they were clear and now they're looking pink. I also have blue veins popping out on my legs, sides of stomach and breasts. I feel like I'm pregnant but I have had 3 negative tests. anyone had this happen to them?


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I'd go for a blood test. If it's not pregnancy, it could be something else. Either way, better to know!

Good luck!

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