Neglectful and Selfish mother

Marju - posted on 08/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




When i was 15 my parents accidentally got pregnant. At first it was ok until my mom cheated on my dad and kicked him out (they both cheated on each other back and forth all my life) my sis was 3 at the time and my mom was All about her bf. i went to clubs and smoked and came home drunk and she would NOT care! All she cared about is that i cleaned the house and my mom was always strict i couldnt even go down the block without her calling me every 5 mins. now im clubbing at 18 and she dont care. i dropped out of school from partying too much and than she kicked me out 3 times. i had no idea how to pay my cell phone let alone live on my own. i moved in with my bf who is now my fiance, my best friend, brother, and soulmate all in one. im 23 now and my sis is 8 me and my fiance have tried to help my sis out but shes behaves so bad that no one can stand her more than 5 mins. not even family members. My mom after being in an abusive relationship with her bf for 5years finally broke up with him. (she was depressed for 5 years) she instead of paying attention to my sis, she's constantly on her phone and facebook and doesnt pay any attention to my sis. my sis is almost obese and likes to get what she wants if not she will throw a fit. Now guess what? my has gotten a new Bf another LOSER! and its all about him and her 24/7 while my sis is out the pic. and she wants me to take care of my sis whenever she asks. if i dont she will throw a fit. i guess like mother like daughter. my fiance wants to report her but i cant do it. my mom doesnt abuse my sis. To be honest i cant deal with this anymore i need to focus on school and work and building my futurw with my fiance i cant deal with the emotional stress this is putting me through. i know this had horrible grammar but i wrote this with my phone i just need to talk to someone about this. What would you do? Give me some feedback please!


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Neglect is a form of abuse. It is your mom's responsibility to take care of all of your sister's needs, not just make sure she's still alive and not hit her. I agree with your fiancee. Just know that if they do take her away she will need somewhere to go. If no one in the family will take her then she will go to foster care. It takes a lot for a child to be taken away from their parents, so you may not accomplish anything anyway. I just don't know what you can really do.

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