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Hi, January 10 2014 me and my partner had unprotected sex all night (sorry if it TMI) so I was sure I was bound to get pregnant. So a few days after I had light bleeding around the time I was supposed to get my menstrual, so I start downloaded expecting apps and reading up on pregnancy and more. Plus I had strong pregnancy symptoms all ex kept breast tenderness and actually throwing up it was there but very very low. So I srltart taking pregnancy test I took about 6 and they all came back negative then I said to my self let me wait and see if I get my period. So a few days ago I started bleeding but it was really odd not like my regular cycle.I had no pain except for one night and it was light spotting one day and heavy dark the next and floppy like that.. And when I did cramp the one night it woke me out my sleep feeling like someone waa stabbing me in my stomach and I thought this could be a miscarriage I was so devastated. Throughout all of this I still felt pregnant. I bleed for about 3 days and just stopped now I am cramping much more and all the pregnancy symptoms are getting stronger I feel nausea bad headaches mood swings I get irritated at the slightest things and my belly is really bloated and leg cramps and back aches, I seriously feel like I'm pregnant... .I have to be
Sorry for such a long paragraph but I really need help easing my mind cause this stressing is not healthy,


Mamamccabe - posted on 03/04/2014




If you are pregnant this is wayyyy too many symptoms to get immediately. I def think you should go in for a check up...just to make sure you aren't dealing with an ectopic pregnancy. good luck!

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