Nervous about my sons upcoming surgery!

Jessica Bennett - - posted on 12/09/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




At three months my son started have a problem with ear infections. He's had a few infections that have lasted longer than a month and antibiotics were not working. His doctor was sure it was because of his acid reflux and we hoped it would get better. When it never did and he continued having cronic ear infections we were sent to an ENT specialist when Peyton was eight months old! Now he has to have tubes put in his ears! He's only nine months old and I'm very nervous because I don't want him being put under anethisia! Can anyone give me advice to calm my nerves and fears please!


Jane - posted on 12/09/2011




My daughter had tubes put in when she was four months old. We were just as worried, but the nursing staff was very good about reassuring us. They didn't actually use full-on anesthesia but rather sedation - that means less stress and strain on the child's body and much less time for recovery. Our daughter came through with flying colors and we were so glad we had the tubes put in. No more horrible ear pain, no more risk to her hearing, and figuring out when she got a new infection was very easy so we could stop it before it became really bad.

I suggest you learn as much as possible about the procedure beforehand, so you know exactly what is going to happen. Then, during the surgery, be sure to have someone with you to help you wait without worrying too much. He will come through it all just fine and will really appreciate not having the pain from ear infections any longer.

You might also consider finding a doctor who will check for a relatively common immune system problem that can lead to repeated ear infections. About 1 in 600 people don't make enough of an immune factor called IgA. This is normally found in tears, saliva and mucus. When it is missing folks tend to get a lot of colds, ear infections, and tummy upsets a lot. In many folks the body does eventually start making IgA. Others are like my daughter, who still makes no IgA or IgM at age 19. Knowing about an IgA deficiency means you can take special care about hand-washing and sanitizing things like door knobs to reduce the rates of infection.


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Jessica Bennett - - posted on 01/12/2012




Thank you everyone for your advice & sharing your experiences it was def appriciated! Peyton had his tubes January 3 (the day he turned 10 months old) & I did bring my phone to occupy me. Lol it helped, but I was very glad to see my baby as cranky as he was. I was able to calm him by walking the hall after his surgery! It's been about a week now & he's always been verbal but we can tell its increased & he's added more words to his vocabulary like baby, Peyton, see & who's this lol so I'm guessing he can hear a lot more clearly, but we did find out this Tuesday that he already has yet another ear infection in both ears so he's on antibiotic drops & will see his ENT next Tuesday! I'm a bit frustrated bc I thought these tubes were suppose to help prevent ear infections & we find out only a week after surgery he has another double ear infection :(! We know his severe acid reflux was supposedly the cause for the ear infections... But now im questioning it as well. His pediatrician has been wonderful though and she's working hard to get my lil guy ear infection free & helping his acid reflux as much as possible too

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It's never easy to send your child into surgery. If you are comfortable with the doctor and the procedure, move forward with the surgery. It is roughly 30 minutes to perform the procedure. As another mom said, make sure you have something to pass the time as you wait. Also, ask the doctor prior to the surgery if your son can have something that comforts him after the surgery (a favorite toy, etc.). When you are able to see him, just continue to reassure him that everything is ok. Hope all goes well.

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It is VERY scary to send them back there, but please for your own sanity, BRING SOMETHING MINDLESS to help pass the time. You probably won't be able to focus on a novel, but a phone game will help distract you.

My daughter had to have anesthesia at 15 months (an ENT surgeon had to remove an open safety pin lodged in her throat). Since I left the house so quickly, I had nothing (not even my phone) to keep me occupied and all of the paperwork I signed scared the crap out of me...I spent the entire time staring at the wall for what seemed like hours on end (it was probably less than 30 minutes that she wasn't with me). Unlike the other posters, my little girl was incredibly sweet and all smiles when I finally got to see her. Good luck.

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Don't worry; simple surgery and when they come out, they are taken out at the doctor's office. The tubes really helped my daughter until she had to have tonsils and adenoids out at age 9.

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My daughter had tubes around 18 months. The surgery itself went perfectly, and she had no physical problems with the anesthesia. But like Kate said, she was EXTREMELY mean when she came to. She bit my husband so hard she bruised his shoulder. I don't know if that's how all babies/toddlers are, but she was just very confused, of course, because she didn't understand what happened, and that translated in her being super mad, cranky, upset, you name it for a few hours after the surgery. But once she woke up a little more and had a little bit to eat she was great! The way the actual procedure was explained to me, she wasn't really anesthetized, they just gave her a gas to put her under, since it's such a simple and quick procedure and they don't have to be under long. Hers I think was literally about 20 minutes from the time they took her away until when she was awake and fighting. It's not like a full-on anesthesia like if you or I had to have a surgery. I can tell you that I would absolutely do it again because my daughter hasn't had a single ear infection since and she's so much happier. She can actually hear things now!

Kate CP - posted on 12/10/2011




Easiest surgery in the world. He'll be cranky when he first comes out of it and maybe for the rest of the day he'll sleep and be kind of fussy...then he'll be fine.

What Jane said is good advice, too. Definitely look into that. :)

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