Nervous on going to my court date!!

Estrllagrr - posted on 07/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello circle of moms!!
I am very scared and nervous to appear at my court date this coming week I need to pay now the total amount due on my traffic tickets I dont have tickets like some people have now and days there just old traffic tickets, anyway I know I have payed them off a long time ago.
I recently went to jail stayed in jail for a total of 3 days dont like at all, went to see the judge, he had said that why I havent finished paying them off I was going good at one time then I just stop paying on them So I told him my situation about finacial reasons , so I promise I could start the next month when I get out, now I havent made one payment at all I cant it is really hard I thought I could of but when I do have the money something has to come up like some issue with my kids. Im a stay home mom have total of 7 kids, 3 older ones are on there own they have there families now I just have the 4 little now Im not married, now have 6 grandchildren one on the way. I have two of them living with them. I have now to pay my 4 youngest son monthly payments for school, he broke a dance studio mirror costing a $500 total now have to pay now my 6 youngest daughter juevenile fees a month total of $250 until they think she finishes her probation. Now mine ticket which I have till the 10th of this month come up with $850 I dont have anything at all. Which I needed to start the monthly payment of $150 in May and I havent didn't either it's one thing after another. How can I tell the judge to give me more time or give me an other oppunity like community service or something Just really scared dont want to go back to jail I dont belong there anyone doesnt belong there. :(


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Jodi - posted on 07/03/2015




They are old traffic tickets that should have been paid long ago. I have little sympathy, because you shouldn't have got them in the first place. I agree with Dove in that paying even a little bit would have been better than just not paying, because you could have demonstrated you were willing to pay them off and that you were honourable enough to do so. Now a judge is not really going to have much sympathy for you.

Dove - posted on 07/03/2015




I doubt the judge will listen... you were supposed to be paying since May and if you haven't paid anything... why WOULD he listen? You can't just not pay your tickets and fines... I don't know how old the tickets are, but if they should have been paid off a long time ago... you have probably worn out the court's patience by now. Paying anything at all would have been better than nothing and could have been used as proof that you were trying... even if you couldn't do the full $150/month.

Good luck!

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