never met my stepdaughter, need advice, words of wisdom please

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Hello all, I have an ongoing dilemma, and could use some input. I will try to keep this short, so here I go. My husband has a child who I have never met, and he has not seen for almost three years. When the child was almost one, her mother took her to the other side of the country, never informing him they were gone( he found out from her family). She quickly married, and asked him to sign adoption papers, he is on birth certificate. She soon got divorced, and then remarried. Moved back home then to another state. ( I am telling. you this so you understand why it is difficult to contact her). She again asked for adoption papers, which have not come. It had been at least three months since, so he said no more, I want visitation. She then blocked us, and will not respond to us. She has said he is not the father, etc. Same old song and dance. We have tried to go through courts, to get support started, to get visitation, and ended with nothing. Has anyone ever had to go through this? I am worried the longer this lasts, the worse it will be. He is a good father, but we have no idea what to do.


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He can request his attorney file for parental alienation, and request amended custody/visitation/support orders.

However, that takes her response. If he knows her current address, the courts can at least serve her with paperwork, and then they'll have grounds for a decision should she decide not to appear.


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She has all means to contact us, friends with some of his family, but because they split up, in her mind child should not have her father. And that is wrong. She deserves her father, and brothers and sisters.

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