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Is there mommy shamming on this website or is eveyone respectful?

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Jodi - posted on 10/26/2016




"The only reason I even keep him around is because I want another child with him. "


OMG, I pity your child.

Your personality is not a reason, it's a pathetic excuse for someone who clearly has absolutely no self respect or a shred of dignity.

Edited to add (because the OP locked the post): For the information of others reading this post - this lady told us all about the loser drug addicted father of her child who she is deliberately keeping around to have another baby with because she can then have 100% control over her children because that's her personality. There is absolutely NO consideration for the feelings or wellbeing of the children in this situation.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/26/2016




You need counseling. You are nowhere NEAR mature enough to parent the one you have, let alone have another.

What you are contemplating, by the way, is parental alienation, which can lose you custody in a snap.

You make me sick. Grow the fuck up. Get custody support and visitation set, legally. DO THE RIGHT THING.

If you don't want to, and want to blatantly alienate the "loser", don't expect much sympathy or support. IMO... you're the loser in the equation.

ETA: since the op completely changed and locked the post: she is living at her mother's, says the bf is a thriving drug addict (but who really knows), and that as soon as she has her second child she is planning on alienating the children's father so she can have complete parental control.

The fact that she locked the post and changed the OP indicates her level of maturity is oh...about a 10 year old, at best.

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