New agenda for Girl Scouts?

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I see a lot of posts by people who are not current Girl Scout leaders and do not realize the change of direction Girl Scouts has taken. The people that have replied to this post are either parents of Scouts, or once were Scouts themselves, or know little or nothing of Scouts today whatsoever. I did not read one post by a current GS Leader or a person having current GS training.

I am currently a Girl Scout Leader.  I have been to multiple trainings and leader meetings over the past recent years and am currently attending these meetings. I see the changes away from old fashioned scouting. Girl Scouts is no longer about the GS Promise- On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The focus of Girl Scouts and all the Leader trainings and meetings I have been to have these basic points that I am told to teach my girls-
1. Sell cookies/make $ 
(This helps the troop girls but mainly fills the pockets of the Girl Scout Headquarters and it's employees. The troop of girls gets 55 cents when GS Headquarters gets $1+.)
2. Buy Journey Books from GS Headquarters for your troop
(They have removed the majority of the old-fashioned badges replacing them with new Journey books. This makes more money for the GS Headquarters. These books and their lessons, which come in a series of 3 for each GS level, focus on love and worship of the earth. I know because I have taught two of them.)
3. Girls are powerful
(I am told to lead girls that they themselves are to put themselves first, that they are number one on the earth, and that they are to change the world their way.)
4. Leave OUT God/faith/morals/religion 
(Even though faith in God is the first point of the Promise, Girl Scouts and their leaders instead are forcing God OUT of the meeting, even though the majority of GS meet in a church a.k.a. house of God, they are replacing any type of faith in any God with worship of self and focus on loving the planet- flowers, trees, water, earth, etc.)
5. Accept Everything
( I am told to teach the girls acceptance of everything, including things they might feel to be wrong or uncomfortable, even if it's against their beliefs or religion or parents.
Definition of accept:
to take or receive; receive with approval or favor: to accept a present; to accept a proposal.
to agree or consent to; accede to
to respond or answer affirmatively to: to accept an invitation
Synonyms of accept: 
acquire, get, obtain, take, welcome, secure, admit, receive, acknowledge, approve, agree, adopt, affirm, assent, undertake
There is this guise of being accepting.
I think we need to take a hard look at being so "accepting" of everything.)

Does Girl Scouts accept and welcome Planned Parenthood, gays, transvestites, etc.?
(Oh, you didn't know they welcome transvestites or transgenders? Google: transgender Colorado Girl Scout.)
(Here is the infamous Planned Parenthood/Girl Scout brochure.
Please note the points on masturbation, sexual exploration, anal sex, and having abortions.)

Does Girl Scouts accept and welcome God/faith/morals/religion of any kind? 
Definitely not!

Juliette Low founded Girl Scouts with the help of Baden Powell founder of Boy Scouts. Her main focus was on teaching and giving girls the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Now the focus of Girl Scouts is on teaching girls to grow financially while mainly benefitting GS employees, worship planet and self, acceptance of everything.

Girl Scout Headquarters goal is to profit monetarily on every aspect of Girl Scouting while conforming each little girl into becoming "accepting" of everyone and their ideas while excluding faith in God or religion. This is well planned and thought out.

To anyone who contradicts this:
Just wait until the new Girl Scout agenda reaches you. Just because it isn't like that yet for you, doesn't mean it won't get there soon.

If Girl Scouts isn't like this for you in your area yet, good for you. But don't worry, the new GS is taking little steps making sure not to raise any red flags for you to notice too much, while quietly conforming each little girl. 
Watch out- it's coming your way! Eventually.


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I totally agree with taking religion out of scouting, personally. Not every child believes in god or the same god. I think it was a respectful thing to do. I don’t have an opinion about any of the other changes as I’m not big on scouting in the first place.


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You can find a lot of well documented verifiable information about these concerning Girl Scout issues on , , and – as well as on GirlScoutsWhyNot You Tube channel:

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