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Jessica - posted on 12/04/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, I've just found out I'm pregnant again. I have two kids aged 8 and almost 4mths. How do I tell my 8year old that Mummy is having another baby so soon after her brother was born? Can anyone tell me how they coped with two kids under 12mths? By the time this baby is born my almost 4mth old will be 11mths. What's the best way to organise the day and get things that need to be done done? HELP!!!!


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just tell your son there is nothing to be ashamed of or wierd aboutit and its just like telling him at anyother time that he will have a cibling...

congratulations!you will be fine the hard parts pass and eventualy you will look back and say-its already been three yrs?or its already been eight years:)?

my advice is to have help while you are recovering,it is hard when you are in pain to take care of anyone selse.the 11 month old will have to be watched around the baby alot they either try to love it to much or hit on the baby.but it will be fine,the baby will sleep alot-hopefuly!also i made a couple of rooms absolutly baby proof and all the action went on within thoose baby gates.everything was nearby that i would need,in the beggining.and dont worry about the house it comes last.if it gets to bad i would hire a maid if i could or get it whn they were sleeping...

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I got pregnant for baby #2 when baby #1 was 3 months old. it took us by surprise.

but we coped. I think your baby will be a year old, so he may or may not be walking by then. it is hard at first, but once you get them on the same schedule (which i highly recommend), things will get easier. and you have your 8yr old to help out...fetching things for the new baby, helping to keep an eye out for or watching your 1yr old, etc.

i didn't worry too much about chores, etc. my hubby helped a lot also.

get a double stroller too so you don't feel stranded at home. it helped me keep my sanity so i could take walks, go to the store, etc. let me know if you need more specifics.

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