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Seleste - posted on 07/19/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




hello im new here i was recommended by a friend, i need to find moms who can relate to my life as a mother of a biracial child!this is my first biracial baby i do have other kids but she is the only one that is mixed. but sometimes i feel so bad because i get so much hate from ppl even family members who in a way doesnt seem like they dont want to accept her for who she is. let me explain im jamaican her father mother is hasian and his dad is 100% italian, she looks mixed but when ppl ask me what she is i try to tell them (family members) but before i can say anything they just burst out and say she's black, or im lying but they have seen her father so they know its not a lie. im to the point now i really dont know is she mixed or not? why is my child being treated like this?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/20/2016




Well aren't they all big ass holes. You know what you say when someone asks what she is? Your response should be "a baby".


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Dove - posted on 07/20/2016




Agree w/ the other ladies.

'What is she?'... MY CHILD!

I'm sorry you are having to experience these idiots in your life. ♥

Kassidy - posted on 07/20/2016




NEVER pay attention to other people. We live in a world today where people are quick to judge if your pants don't match your socks. Don't listen to what anyone says. Only you know your family, your childs father, and his family. Every child is beautiful and all negativity towards a child should be ignored. Separate yourself from people like that. It's extremely rude of strangers to ask "what is your child". Honestly if I were you when people asked that I would say "My child is beautiful" and end it there!!

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