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my names is keri,im 22 will be 23 on the 25th.i am a single mother. I have a 3yr old daughter she will be 4 on the 13th. im so excited. Her name is alexis nicole.she is my only child. alexis was born with septo-optic dysplasia. she started having seizures 12 hours after birth,she's a trooper. she is legally blind and has hypertension on the left side of her body, she walks with a limp and it is difficult for her to run and climb and jump,but with alexis nothing is impossible. she is the light of my life and everything i live for. but here lately ive been feeling overwhelmed by all the needs she has,getting her into a special pre-school,having to work all the time. and getting the feeling that im not doing all that i can,when deep down i know i am.she is so smart and wonderul.i am so proud to call her my child. but the feeling of the weight of the world on my shoulders sometimes jusmat wants to make me cry. im turning here because hopefully i can get some support,her father is not around and i dont want to feel alone anymore.


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Hi Keri,

There are many communities here on CoM to join. There is young moms, Debating Mums, children with disabilities....etc just search in My Communities or I can provide links if you like.



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WOW!! First of all, Welcome to Circle of Moms! To me it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job. To have overcome all the usual hurdles that come with motherhood as well as everything else you've described. It takes a special kind of person just to care for someone with a disability, and an even more special person to be a single mother. To do both, you truly are awesome and I admire your strength! Your daughter sounds wonderful and absolutely inspiring!! Keep doing what you are doing! You are not alone anymore, and if, once in a while, you do need to let it all out and cry, then go for it! Theres nothing wrong with a good cry. Its almost theraputic!

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Welcome to Circle of Moms!

For me, being a mother feels exactly as you have described it. Sometimes you look around and there's no money...not enough food...the kid just threw an incredibly expensive piece of uneaten fruit in the TRASH....there is laundry everywhere...because you can't AFFORD to fix the washing machine. The car's tore up...the baby needs vaccinations and the Health Department is asking for more money than I can give.
Sometimes I catch myself hiding in the laundry room (out of sight of the baby) trying to rip my hair out and scream silently. This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done....but when that baby comes to me and says, "Mama lookie!" and shows me the pretty turd-art he drew on his have to appreciate the little things, or the big things will drive you crazy. When I find myself at this point, I usually break into hysterical laughter and roll around in the floor wailing like the two year old.
You are not alone. There are better than a million women here on this site that can not only relate to you...they may be able to provide resources to help make YOUR life easier.

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