New Here - has any mothers lost custody of their kids when they were young children?

Christine - posted on 06/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I would like to meet other Mothers who have lost their children when they were young babies due to certain circumstances in life......I am NOT judgemental what so ever, so please do not fear that, I would just love to meet toher mothers who have gone through the same.......
My story is that I was with my ex-husband for 10 years, it was an arranged marriage, as my father was old school Italian. I did not like the man he chose, but at the time had no choice in marrying him. I had two daughters with him, and it was a night mare!! he was very abusive, an alcoholic and addict to drugs. It was disgusting watching him do his drugs, I hid my daughters from it the best I could. tried leaving him several times, but failed. He eventually got me addicted, end up beating the hell out of me, then shooting me up with drugs, a while after that, I developed a very serious cancer, fought it for a long time, my girls were just babies then.........
One day the Doctors and specialists tell me that the Cancer is not responding to the treatments and was getting worse, basically told me it was terminal, they had me on radiation and chemo, the whole nine yards of treatments, drugs, everything, I was a mess. So my first thought was the girls.....I ended up handing custody over to my mother in law, they were the only ones who came forward and offered in helping me with the kids if this turned out worst case senerio...which it was heading that way.......
I battled the cancer for another year and a bit, then it began going into remission, and it did. My first thought was my kids. But I had to go through rehab to get off all the drugs they had pumped into me, it was a night mare.......
I battled for a long time...long story short, I lost 17 years with my girls. Always had contact with them as they were growing up, saw them and that kind of stuff, but did not get to raise them my self, a long heart ache to this day!
any one else?


Melissa - posted on 02/02/2011




I see that you posted last summer, I have also lost custody of two of my sons. My ex and I were married for 26 years and after the divorce he gave me custody of my, at that time, 3 boys. When he hooked up with this crazy women she told me that she was going take my kids, but I didn't believe she could do it. Then her son molested my son and grandson. We tried to report it my ex lied to protect himself. So I stopped forcing the boys to call him. He had us kicked out of the house and when we moved we didn't tell him where so the judge gave him the kids. There is a lot more to the story but that is the gist of the situation. I am fighting to get them back but I am losing.

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