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Ashleigh - posted on 11/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all,

I'm having a bad today so I thought I share my story and get advice. My ex and I don't speak he barely sees his kid. We broke up 2 years ago and he started dating this girl right after. I had no idea they were together until she sent me a nasty text. One day my ex was acting strange and I called him out on it. When I called him his gf was screaming in the background. He put her on the phone and she began to tell me I'm pathetic, fat, ugly, ghetto. After that I broke down. After a month I forgave him and I told him I still loved him. We'd spend time together but it became apparent he wasn't breaking up with her. He told me how much more successful she was and so on and I decided I deserve better. Plus I also realized how much he makes me miserable. I thought we could be friends. He was always late to pick up our daughter I found out she had been spending time with her. I was livid. After that he avoided my calls. One day he called I picked up and it was her screaming. Long story short they called the cops on me for "harassment" and threats. I had to deal with childrens aid. Cut to a year later he barely sees his kid once a month and only for a few hrs max. He and his gf took a 3 week vacation to Bali but he can't take his kid for one night. There is so much more but I try to be so strong and a day like this happens where I break down. How do I move on? Thanks :)


Dove - posted on 12/01/2012




You move on by focusing on your kid and ignoring his existence entirely (except when it comes to visitation). Spending time with this other woman over your kid is HIS loss... if he has a decent bone in his body then eventually he may realize that, but you have to just not care about what he does or does not do with his life.

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