New here? Please no multiple post sending.

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Please don't send the same post multiple times. It's confusing and you wont get an answer quicker if the post is sent multiple times. Please send a post only 1 time,be patient and wait for an answer. Thank you
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There are glitches then because I did not receive a confirmation of posting.

Please get your webmaster to investigate.


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Oops sorry. Can you please delete 1 of mine. The site is a little confusing, as it does not let you know your post was successful. I don't think anyone means to post twice :)

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I am locking this thread, It was intended to inform people that posting multiple times can be annoying, not for everyone to be posting their questions.
If you want to ask something, please feel free to start your own conversation but be patient and only hit the submit button once!
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Andrea - posted on 09/22/2015




Reply to Nicola Mc Cann:

I'm not an expert, but that sounds like a lot of energy. My son has ADD "inattentive type", which, in his case, meant that he was always distracted and did what interested him. It was almost impossible to get him to follow the group's activities. He wasn't affectionate but rather aloof, off in his own world.

It took a while for him to be diagnosed because everyone was put off by his intelligence. I started asking in his 4's program if they saw a problem (I did) but didn't get a straight answer until 2nd grade, when a kind teacher gave me the name of an ADD specialist.

I mention all this because in my research much of the information is on ADHD and describes hyperactivity. My heart goes out to ADD parents because socially it can be a challenge.

I would start by asking your pediatrician and then doing some research of your own. Understand that they don't treat kids that young but it's helpful to give the teachers some advance warning so they know how to handle him. For example, they sit the kids closer to them or in front of the class so there are few distractions. They give them frequent bathroom breaks to accommodate all that energy. They repeat instructions and stay on top of them during activities. Most importantly, they don't demand the kind of behavior that other kids are capable of.

Nicola Mc - posted on 09/22/2015




Hi I have a 6 yr old son I've noticed alot of signs in him that r worring me he's gets really hyper jumps about from chair to chair while watching tv when doing his homework it's like talking to a wall nothing registers he's in p3 and in p1 p2 now p3 his teachers r saying bout his lack of interest in school work he's is always chewing on things from his clothes fingers toys have even caught him eating toilet roll aloud of times he is very loving alot if time always wants hugs and kisses and now he's telling me no1 will play with him in school and I think it's due to him always hugging them he's is alway fighting with his younger brother bout things like he always has to win goun up to bed he has to be first goin to school he has to b 1 to open front door has to sit at the same chair at dinner table every night he has actually started biting my younger son plz help

Human - posted on 09/21/2015




I have a questions for all ya'll moms i'm new here and my friend with is in trouble and i can't figure out how to help her.

Kristen - posted on 09/21/2015




I accidentally posted three times, I never got the confirmation till the third time I clicked post

Dove - posted on 09/18/2015




Actually it does... as soon as you post it gives you the option to view the post you created.... I checked it out myself when I was complaining about this issue just to see how hard it was to only make ONE topic of conversation instead of posting it 2, 3, 4+ times...

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