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Codie - posted on 12/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




okay so its kind of my fault but it seems like the only way i could get my babygirl to sleep was to have her fall asleep on my chest, then we would just end up sleeping that way the whole night ! its become a bad habit for me as well as i believe it has her to but what im trying to ask is how do i break her of the habit of co sleeping with me and falling asleep without some type of movement ?? Im a new mom 19 years old,first child and im just so in love with her i dont want to hear her cry or be upset in any type of way.. but im draining myself HELP?


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You could try putting her in her own bed after she has already fallen asleep, so she wakes up in there routinely. With my kids I started bouncing them to sleep in a bouncer then putting them in their crib when they fell asleep. Then at around 3-4 months old I started putting them in their crib awake - but tired, to fall asleep on their own.

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