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Susan - posted on 07/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a beautiful 28 day year old & have had the hardest time. Had an ER c-section & don't think I should of had a baby...don't think I'm a good Mom.


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 07/17/2013




Honey obviously your a good mom because you care enough to post and only good moms worry that they are not doing a perfect job. No one is perfect my dear and every mother struggles. Why are you worried you are not a good mom ? What do you think you should/ could be doing to be a good mother in your eyes? Im sure that your worries are just from how overwhelming it can be when you learn how to balance your new life with a newborn that is totally dependent on you. I still get down on myself and worry if I'm doing everything I can to be the best mommy and criticize myself as a mother. When I catch myself doing this I think of how much I love my daughter and even though I make mistakes and am not perfect that I always know deep down that I am a good mom. If your feeling extremely anxious or depressed then I would talk to your dr about the possibility of post partum depression/ anxiety. This condition is related to hormones and can cause some pretty nasty side effects such as crying all the time , feeling extremely anxious or irritable, and in the worst case can cause moms to think of hurting their babies. If you feel like any of these symptoms describe how you feel then first call your dr immediately and second call a trusted loved one to come help out with your baby when you notice you need help. Having post partum depression does not make you a bad mom either if that is the case. Many women suffer from this and it is not their fault. I hope I could help and I hope you take the time to give yourself some credit and not be so hard on yourself. I also realized that my excessive worrying caused me to be so nervous that I wasn't enjoying motherhood the way I should , and when I realized it was ok to not be perfect I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and felt sooo much better.

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