New mom to be and i'm more worried about my mother in law! Help

Victoria - posted on 01/16/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years and we are in no rush to get married but recently we found out we are expecting our first child together. Although this should be a happy moment in our lives I am more concerned with how his mother is going to react.
I don't expect her to have any negative reactions about the news im more worried she is going to be way more over bearing than she already is...if that is somehow possible. His mother is always looking for excuses to stop over our house or vice versa she takes pride in showing off her son to her friends and he hates it. Every family event we have to go to or feel the wrath of getting guilt tripped. My boyfriends sister has two little ones and I see how crazy she drives her own daughter. She has to go over her house EVERY weekend to see the kids and she parents her grandchildren like they are her own.
I can see this is going to happen to me already...we haven't even told her the news yet and she already constantly texts and calls me and my boyfriend to somehow do stuff or favors for her when we both work full time jobs and I go to school full time. She is so obsessive that when we moved to the same state as her for a job relocation...she "Magically" got transferred to work in the school right NEXT to our house!!!! We get the unexpected stop in all the time...half of which we miss because we are constantly working or the late phone calls and texts. Its all a little much and every time I ask my boyfriend to please do something about this he always tells me "Its up to you to handle your problems with my mother."
I am seriously so stressed about how much worse things are going to be when the baby arrives and even before that...I really do not want all of her friends coming to my baby shower because she feels the need to show off to her friends we don't even know. Is there any advice on what I can do to prevent her from going nuts when this baby arrives? Keep in mind these examples of her are just little tid bits of how nuts she actually is..I could write a whole laundry list but I am sparing your eyes the strain of reading all of them!

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