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I have a 2 yr old who loves animals and I had to give my dog away when I had the baby for safety reasons.What kind of SMALL dog would be best for a toddler and the best for a family in a trailer?
Why do you like this breed?


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I have had the best luck with mutts. Experts will tell you that mutts tend to get the best traits of each breed in them. And on the plus sides you know they weren't born in a puppy mill and their cheap if not free. We found our latest one from a farmer who's neighbor dog decided to come visit his dog at the wrong time and they ended up with 4 pups. She's been a great dog. Never snapped at any of the kids and I've done daycare and we do foster care. She's now 11 years old and is still great with the little ones who bug her.

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Post a reply!as a baby of 6 months of age I was given a rat terrier he was a wonderful and very protective of me . he lived until we were 15 years old. I am now 75 and I still remember the good times we had.

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I don't think it's going to be so much about breed as it will be about the animal's personality. Animals are like people. They can read auras and determine for themselves if they feel safe. My suggestion is to go to the Animal Shelter and adopt a little person who needs your help, and who also will meld with your child's personality. I say take the little one with you and then try introducing a few small dogs. See who loves him dearly, licks his face and BEGS to go home and be his friend. :)

In our home, the toddler gets along better with the BIG dog...the pitbull. On the other hand, he does NOT get that much reception from the poodle or the daschund..dauschand..dachschunded.....FORGET IT...WEINER DOG. The little dogs tend to nip at him when they want to be left alone. The big dog will just look up...blink at him a few times and flop back on her side. I really think this is because his playing and tugging doesn't HURT her...but it does tend to make the little dogs yelp. I think the bigger dog is more 'rugged' for what my son puts her through.

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My parents have a Bichon Frise

It is a small dog, doesn't shed, I think it is even hyperallergenic type. They got it as a puppy when I was pregnant and we were worried how it would take to having a baby around but it has been the best dog to have. The dog is old enough now that she isn't really hyper but she has plenty of energy to play with my daughter. They chase each other around and she puts up with the roughness that can happen when a toddler is around small animals and doesn't ever growl or try to bite. She also lets my daughter use her as a pillow... of course we are careful with our daughter and are working with her on being gentle and nice too so the dog never comes to any harm but so far that has been the best little dog.


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Minature Staffies are awsome, they have a beautiful nature, are a bit hyper so they can keep up with kids and will be a lap dog if you want them to be :-) Another breed I adore are Schnauzers, they come in minature, medium and giant, they have hair opposed to fur, so they don't shed a lot and I find them to have a great nature, my mum and dad had a medium size for 15yrs ( he was a couple of years old when they got him as a stray) and he was beautiful!! Good luck with your search, I have 2 dogs, English staffy and American staffy and my kids love them andd they are awsome with my kids (they are active dogs and quite big, we have a huge yard) good luck with your search, animals and kids are so much fun and my kids have learn't so much being around animals (I also have rabbits and birds), if you have the time to train and dote on a puppy, then I say go for it!!!

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I would advise u don't get a dog as they are a tie and something else that will need abit of your attention I got one before having my 3rd child and he was pain so we got rid of him my mum had him so the kids still get to see him! But please make sure your not getting a dog in place of having Another child as that's what I did..! Good luck

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Devin has been around animals and he knows not to pull hair or smack or just generally hurt them so I don't need to worry but as for a big dog he is terrified of them and he cries and comes running to me.The in-laws had 2 yorkies and he loved to play with them,But before you all ask I hate that breed for many many reasons and won't have another one.

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I would not get a dog......... I have one and it is such a pain!!!!! She's a mutt, but has so many issues. The mutt isn't the problem, it's the fact I got her when she was 3 with so many issues (seperation anxiety mainly) and it's been sooooo stressful trying to not get her to bark when paper moves and the baby is sleeping!!!!!!! It's sooooo stressful, I would not recommend even getting a dog with a kid this age. Also, the kid is going to want to pull its hair, jump on it..... no no......... I wouldn't get a small dog then.... but a big dog risks being able to clobber your kid so I don't know. I'm glad my dog is a pansy and big big sissy.... but I would not have gotten a dog if I had known I was going to get pregnant..... I didn't want kids for a long time........ and I never thought about a dog and a kid........... ugh

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I also agree with getting a mutt. My dog is technically a mutt, but I do wish he had more than just 3 breeds in him. mutts are so easy going and docile, and many (small) pure breds can get riled up to easily.

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