New SAHM experiencing cabin fever

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Hello out there! My son was born on 12/2/10 and I recently decided to become a SAHM this last march, after having worked full-time since I was 14 (now 25). I love being with my son and dont regret my decision, but I am starting to feel a little trapped and unmotivated. When I finally do get some time to myself I just feel guilty and miss the heck out of my little one. I am starting to battle w/myself over simple chores and even things like taking care of myself, which was always a priority before. I find myself spending more and more time on FB in efforts to mentally unwind, but seeing how much everyone else is enjoying themselves while Im stuck at home doesnt always help. I live in a different area then where I grew up and the crime rate is insane out here so taking my little one a walk through the hood doesnt always seem like the best idea... Am I alone or is there anyone else out there going thru something similar? Any suggestions?


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Are there parks, or maybe a library you can go to? My favorite thing to do is go to my local Y and have my kids play in the kids area while I either exercise or on days when I have a lot of computer work, I just sit in the lobby and work on that. I sometimes take my kids to my husband's work and have lunch with him.

Even going to the mall and walking around window shopping can help calm the cabin fever feelings.

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It's very easy to start going shack-wacky when you're a SAHM. It takes a real effort to keep getting out there. I know you live in a dangerous area, but are there perhaps any playgroups or kids' activities nearby? There might be a family resource area near you, that will have things like story time or playgroups. It's not really time to yourself, but it's still a break of sorts, because your son is being entertained by someone else, and at least it's getting you out of the house.


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