New to Site. Have 13 year old that needs to gain weight. Would like advice on safe supplements

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I have a 13 year old daughter with ADHD, OCD & Trichotillomania. She is on Vyvanse. She is 5.5 in height and 76lbs. She has always been underweight her entire life, her pediatrician does not see that it's an issue (people are calling her anorexic at school and teachers are constantly asking me if there is a problem). The Vyvanse has caused her to drop about 10lbs that I sorely think she needs. She also runs a mile every other day at school and lifts weights on the off days at school. She is disappointed that she is failing...but she is literally a walking skeleton - she has no muscle mass to keep up with what she is burning verses her intake. Also, she has permanent teeth that should of been in when she was 8 and they are still not in. I think she has vitamin deficiencies though her pediatrician says she is fine. I thought of putting her on some weight gaining supplements that body builders use but am unsure of what is bad in those things. She takes ensure 3 times a day and has for years - I've tried the Carnation route and it's not worth the battle to force her to drink it. She is open to taking supplements though. I've asked the doc if there is a prescription for weight gain and she said no. She is at an age where her image is everything to her, so in her nervousness she is pulling hair and eyelashes (something that seems to stop only in the summers). Anyone out there that can give me any advice on some medically prescribes weight gains? Anyone with children that have anorexia that can tell me what they are giving their children for weight gain? She spotted once at the beginning of the year so I thought her cycle was starting. Hasn't done it since (lost 8lbs from the date of spotting). Thanks all for listening and offering any advice.


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I just read your letter...How is your daughter doing. My daughter is going through the same thing.

She is 5ft 5" weight 87 pounds. Lost 6 lb in August and we are seeing a nutritionist now. She very active a runner, soccer, lacrosse and Basketball player. But was not playing any of these sports in Aug. She ate over 3500 calories in the last 9days with not sports. We just went to the doctor and she lost -0- . So hard to understand. Do you have any advise..

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Personally, if you aren't getting help from this doctor.... talk to another one.

I'm only 4'11" and my lowest weight at this height was 78 pounds... and that was after I was super sick and could barely eat for 3 weeks. A nutritionist would be much better qualified to give you advice for YOUR daughter and her situation. If the doctor she sees now doesn't see a problem.... she needs a new one asap.

Good luck!

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