New to this site. I think my 9.5yr old daughter has Aspergers

Emily - posted on 10/15/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Im new to this site so not really sure what I'm doing, but every time i search for information this site pops up with some great information....

I'm Emily mum of 3 My eldest daughter 9 is my main concern at the moment! Im 75% sure she has Asperger i knew there was something but didn't know what but every time i google it seems to appear which actually makes perfect sense!!!

I have a dr calling me this afternoon and parents evening tonight so im just going to blurt it out and get it off my chest!! my close friends and family are aware.

After a horrendous meltdown over nothing in a social situation i was devastated and frustrated why it had happened yet again so sat and wrote my concerns down, when i had them all in front of me realized i needed to talk to someone as a kid with all this going on needs some extra support!
here was the list....

No compassion for younger children ( makes no allowances)
Everything is black and white (no le way)
so well behaved one on one
cant cope with some social situations
doesn't like noise
struggles to play with toys as once shes set them up shes doesn't want to ruin them..
is happy playing on her own or with adult!
punishes herself more if she does something wrong
Extremely clever for her age advanced reading and writing!
Seems to cope fine at school because structured but behavior could be bad at home if something happened at school.
anxiety over cars/going places
Can not make the simplest of decisions
easily distracted ( noise/movement)
hates hates hates losing
doesn't like hair brushed/nails cut
is tom boyish doesn't like to be girly

this is a random list but i know its not right to have all of this!!

Not really sure where i go from here, and very anxious to discuss with dr and school because i think they will fob me off with how clever and well behaved she is!!

anyway sorry for the long post and advice or even someone just to chat would be fab

Thanks Emily


Brenda - posted on 10/15/2015




Hi Emily!
I am glad that you are on top of this, although I know it may be over whelming at times, but because you suspect that your child may have Aspergers, the best is to check with a Doctor or specialist, and dig deeper first to know if she has it, or if it is a behavioral problem that can be solved, and to understand how to best help her if she does have it. Your doctor should be able to answer all our questions and to give you different ideas in how to understand your daughter, how to be aware and made her teachers and family members aware of it, etc. But you need to start making some test to know for sure if she has the syndrome or not.
Blessings. I know it is difficult first to know and then to understand way to help her best.

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