Newbie - 43 & pregnant with 3rd child after nearly 20yr gap

Loraine - posted on 12/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just wanted to say Hi & introduce myself.

I'm 43 & live with my partner of 4yrs. We are 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd ( I have 2 daughters 21 & 19) & my partners 1st.

Not sure how my girls will feel about it when they find out. We live 3hrs drive from them as they didn't want to no me after i filed to divorce their dad & they hated my partner & blamed him even though I didnt meet my partner till 6 months after I left their dad & my youngest even lived with us for a while.

I am hoping however my youngest & I can build on the relationship we have & maybe it will help her rebuild her relationship with my partner as they were really close untill I filed for divorce & my ex & his parents filled her head with lies so they could use her to keep mariatal home :/

Anyway, As i've been out of the baby toddler stage for a while I'd like some advice on which pram, highchair beds etc... moms would recomend as no idea where to start

Many thanks in advance



Kelly - posted on 12/07/2012




Hey Loraine it's me Kelly first of all Cngratulations again!

I had no idea your kids were so far apart! I hope this baby helps you and your daughters bond and also with your current partner as well.

These are the products I love and reccomend,I apolagise in advance if anything I reccomend isn't available in your area or costs to much! I tried to find all of what I have on amazon because I know you can get it world wide even though I didn't buy most of it from amazon.

This is the crib my boy has,I love it its so cosy it looks great and its super safe plus its a money saver because I can be converted into a toddler bed with one railing of and if can become a big girl or boy bed and allows you to take both railings off and still being safe,it's very inexpensive really and it's gender neutral! I love ours so does Hunter!

I just went with a simple changing table because to be honest we didn't use it a whole lot we would just change him on our portable changing mat especially when I just had him the portable one is easy to clean you can sit on the floor to do it and its just easy! But this is great now as he is older and has given us great use for about 6+ months.

This is the one my son has he loves it we never had any problems with it expect we will have to get a new booster soon,so he can be a big boy at the table lol.

This isn't the exact one we have I can't find it but we have something very similar with many stroller toys attached to the top! He loves it and its very safe so no complaints this one is very very similar!

For anything else I reccomend mainly mothers choice and fishers price also safety first there all good reliable safe trust worthy brands and mainly are all the brands out stuff belongs to.

Good luck and congrats again :)

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