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Erin - posted on 02/03/2009 ( 60 moms have responded )




I'm a first time mom (creating my baby registry) who is wondering if it is safe to place a newborn into a crib to sleep. I have a tiny house, so the crib will be right next to my side of the bed. I just don't see the reasoning in purchasing a bassinette that I can only use for a few months, only to turn around and buy a crib 3-6 months later.
I have heard from a birthing coach that you should sleep with your newborn in your bed for the first few weeks, but I have also read that can be extremely dangerous for the baby.
Any words of wisdom?
Thank you,
Erin Taylor


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Kelly - posted on 02/03/2009




Hi there.  My Daughter was 8 weeks premature, and when she came home from the hospital 3 weeks later, we put her in her crib to sleep during the day.  She had no issues at all.  As long as you have nothing in the crib with the baby, you are ok.  The only thing we did was swaddle her since she was so used to that in the NICU and it really helped her sleep better.  By having her take naps during the day in her crib made the transition from bassinet at night to her crib completely seamless.  She had no adjustment issues.  I am expecting my next baby any day now and I plan to put her into her crib right away as well.

Having your baby sleep in your bed with you is so dangerous and you also will not get any real sleep.  Once the baby comes home, you are going to need to sleep when he/she does. 

Congratulations and best of luck to you!  By the way - it is going to be hard for you to decifer all of the advice you get....just use your instinct and what you are most comfortable with even if it doesnt include my advice!  :) 

Char - posted on 02/03/2009




Look into cosleepers if you're worried about safety.
We had our daughter in our bed for the first 14 months and it was awesome.
It was completely safe, and I felt more secure because she was right beside me.
and...we averaged 6-10 hours a night from 2weeks on because she was in bed beside me

User - posted on 02/03/2009




My son has also been in a crib in his own room since we came home from the hospital (with a baby monitor - the "old fashioned" kind with sound We decided that was the safest for us as we have 2 cats & a puppy. And a small house and also didnt want to spend the money on something he would outgrow so quickly.. (and probably turned out to be a good choice as he HATED the bassinet at the hospital....)

Colleen - posted on 02/03/2009




Hi...My baby slept in a moses basket in my room for the first 3 nights...after that she slept in her crib.  My doctor said that it was safe just as long as she was placed on her back to sleep.  I agree that there isn't any need to buy a bassinette for your baby...the crib is fine.

Kim - posted on 02/03/2009




I have 2 kids and we've had them in our bed from the beginning. It makes breastfeeding during the night MUCH easier and you will feel so much more rested in the morning, without having to get up and down with the baby. It is absolutely safe as long as you're not under the influence of any drugs or medications. You'd really be surprised at how aware of the baby you are even when you're sleeping. And how little the baby cries at night, too...since they only have to start moving around for you to be alerted and wake up they never have that need to cry out. It's definitely a personal decision and you have to do what you feel most comfortable with, but it can be a wonderful experience, beneficial to everyone, if you're open to it! Good luck and congratulations! Oh, Dr. Sears is a pediatrician who encourages co-sleeping and has some books and a website that can give you more info if you are interested!

Melissa - posted on 02/03/2009




We went straight to crib with both of our boys (now 6 and 2), and it's one of the best decisions we ever made. In our case, the cribs were in their individual rooms, so the first few months required me walking back and forth a bit, but to this day, they don't come out of their rooms and wake us up in the mornings when they wake. They just hang out and play. It's safe, and if you are comfortable with it, then do it.

Carolyn - posted on 02/03/2009




I found what worked for us was having our son in our room in his playpen.  When I was pregnant my sister and brother in a law bought us a great playpen that had the bassinet attachment.  If you really want a bassinet, and lets be honest who wants a full sized crib in their bedroom on top of everything else, try looking at used websites in your area.  Something else to try is ask around to friends and family and see if there's anyone that they know that has/having a child that's just a little bit older then yours will be.   You can get anything that way and a lot cheaper.  We hardly ever had our son sleep  in our bed, it was mostly if i was up in the morning with him about an hr before my husband had to get up, once i was done feeding him i woudl give him to my husband to have a cuddle/nap for a while before dad had to get up.  I was always scared one of us would roll over on him whenever he was sleeping in our bed.  The one night I brought him in to bed with us because he was fussy.  I laid him down between the two of us and he settled right down and slept there the rest of the night, my husband didn't even notice he was there until morning.   Before my son was born I had decided he was going to sleep in our room and had people tell me i was crazy because i would never get any sleep because i would spend all night listening to him breathe.  I found i really liked having him in our room in his playpen. Once your baby arrives try out every option and see what works best for you.   good luck!

Bethany - posted on 02/03/2009




Congratulations! I know for me I only had a bassinet so that the baby could be in our room but not in our bed. I think that if you can use the crib right from the start I would! I think that they would be even safer in a crib than a bassinette with more air flow and room for when they start to move their arms. Depending on how cold it will be you might want to use a swaddling blanket or a sleep sack instead of regular blankets.

Sara is right- they do make co-sleeping beds if you want to go that way but I don't think that anyone can tell you that you "should" have your baby in your bed- it is a matter of preference only. (And for every "should" out there I'm sure there's also a "should not"! Welcome to motherhood and trying to decipher all the "rules"!)

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and you little bundle! Best wishes ~>

Kerry-anne - posted on 02/03/2009




hi erin,

im a mum of 4 girls and not 1 of them slept in my bed always in the crib at the side of my bed and the only time they were in a bassinette was when we were down stairs. i personaly would not take the advise of this so called birthing coach because as you have read it is very dangerous i myself belive this also. i think we know deep down in ourselves whats is best hope this as helped take care. xxx

Sara - posted on 02/03/2009




I've found that having a bassinet at first is easier,only because they get up every 2 hours or so,Then again cribs are safe as long as you have the rail covers and nothing else in the crib,not even a blanket,just use one of those pajama outfits that cover the feet. And they do have those nifty things to put in the bed with you for those who want their newborn to sleep with them,keeps the parents from rolling on top of them.

Really its whatever your comfortable with.

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