newborn with no spleen

Candise - posted on 12/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




my daughter Sophia was born on November 14th 2014 by c-section at 37 weeks and 4 days. she just had her first doctors appointment at which time he told us some things the hospital didn't. We were told she has congenital asplenia AKA no spleen and two holes in her heart which are supposed to close when your born but hers haven't. We are waiting on a pediatric cardiologist appointment but I have a few concerns. Everything I an find online about asplenia says that when it is first diagnosed the patient should be immediately put on antibiotics however no one had even mentioned giving her any. My first daughter passed away after 1 day due to heart problems as well however I have a healthy 3 year old which now has me wanting to have her heart checked out as well. Anyway if any has a child without a spleen or knows about it I am looking for any information on anything special we should be doing for her or anything we should watching for. I am also worried when she gets excited or cries if that can affect her heart or not. I am very scared and in this alone. My husband doesn't seem to understand how serious this is he himself has a learning disability and doesn't seem to understand how not having a spleen can affect a child. Anyone with advice or information on asplenia or anyone with experience please respond or even just to show support. Thank you.

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