Newborns growing up. Please Help!

Kim - posted on 08/17/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there. It has been a journey having a newborn. I love everything about it, don't get me wrong. I need some advice though. This is what I do know:

Diapers: Pampers seem to work the best for my girl.
Baby food: Gerber has everything. Loves those carrots.
Delivering medicine when sick: Pacidose all the way. Works so well.

What I don't know:
How do I know what size shoes my daughter should be wearing as she gets older?
How long do I keep my newborn in a car seat though?



Dove - posted on 08/17/2016




If you are feeding your baby anything other than breast milk or formula... I sure hope she is older than 6 months... which would be long past the newborn stage.

Shoes before a child is walking are completely pointless and potentially harmful... and once a child IS walking... shoes are better left to the outside while keeping barefoot at home. Size of shoe depends on size of foot... just like w/ anyone and shoes.

She should be in a rear facing car seat (infant until outgrown and then convertible... or just convertible when you choose to purchase one (unless you have one already)) until at least 2 years old... preferably older depending on size of child and then in a forward facing 5 point harness seat until at least 5/6 years old... and then a booster seat until 9/10/11... depending on size of child (supposed to be 4'9" to go in a regular seat belt).


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/17/2016




Adding to what Dove mentioned: not every child can wear pampers, and every parent should use what is best for their child's specific needs.

Food actually is better for your toddler if you puree what you are eating. It goes through no outside processing, and is actually better for baby, as well as less expensive.

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