Newly converted daycare area,

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Space usage ideas, PLEASE HELP. Had a thousand ideas before it was finished, now. I just stare at it.


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Hi I did daycare for 7 years in my home and it was a great deal of fun ideas will come as you grow and expand so be patient with yourself. One thing that was very important was to have a table that the kids could sit at and do their crafts at I used a round table and little chairs this saves some space. I also used it at meal time for the kids usually 4 kids can sit at it. I think that having a report card each day for the parents is also a great thing and my kids parents loved it I would put down the food they ate the time they ate, and what activities they did, I also added nap time and whatever else came up such as little cute things they may have done. Music time, arts and crafts, mini pre school activities and sometimes even al little cut program on the TV. The kids also when outside and played on all kinds of things houses, little cars, wagons and you get the picture. Space is a problem if you live in an appartment so it is best to find maybe not chairs for the kids to sit in but maybe stools that open up so you can store the toys in the stools at the end of the day. I had shelves my husband make to put the toys on that were easy for the kids to reach and and the end of the day I taught them to put the toys away. Clothes baskets are great to put things in and you can store them away in a corner or closet. I also spent time usually on the week end washing the plastic toys lot of work but your kids and there moms will thankyou for it because they will not get so many colds. I used to provide a place to hang up coats and hats backpacks and whatever so put up some hooks if you can if not just put them in the back pack and set them in a corner. I had little mats and blankest that I could just fold up and put way again closet or corner lots of corner for these thing. Don't forget to put the time that they took there nap did they nap and what time did nap time end. The parents like to know because if the child did not take a nap they will be cranky at home later. Don't forget if storage is a problem you can hang hooks up from the ceiling and put up netting to to put things in strings to pull them up and down to store balls and other stuffed animals and such.
The most important thing and this maybe difficult is to clean up before the parents come and that includes cleaning up the kids a change of clothes should alway be part of what is in the back pack you never know. I liked to make sure that their shoes where clean not full of mud or whatever from outside so they took their shoes off if they were dirty and I cleanned them. I know this is a lot of work but believe me it sure impresses the parents who may want to go out to eat and if there child is all dirty it is hard for them. Make sure you wash their hands and faces comb their hair and if you like put ribbons in the girs hair parents sure like that.
Maybe if you mentioned more in your statement I could tell more on the space.
Well take care and good luck.
Cathy Helgerson

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