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Jody - posted on 12/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 year old daughter has bee recently diagnosed with ADHD. We aren't second guessing the diagnosis, but we don't know what to do from here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Nellie - posted on 12/06/2014




Well i have a son who is now 20 years old who was diagnosed with ADHD. I don't know your question here. but this is my input. If she's not on medication, please make sure she gets on it. Let me tell you why? first of all, ADHD is heriditary. She can't help what she was born with. So anything that she does, like for example, hyperness, tensions, fighting, arguing , etc. is something that comes out Psychologically. In order to maintain her is to get her some help like seeing a therapist and using well treated medication such as Adderall or Ritalin, what ever the doctor chooses. Make sure that you know alot about any medications prescribed to your daughter, know the risk and how long it takes to work on the body system, some meds can cause trouble with things such as TICKS, Paranoiah, fidgeting and picking either in her skin or moving her mouth around. Not all medications are good but they are many out there that can help your daughter stay calm and collective. You don't want to make her into a robot, you just want her ADHD to be controlled. Only one medication should do for her, not 2 or three because if children are over medicated from different kids of meds, they can react differently in the most negative kind of way. YOu don't want that. If you choose that one meds is good for her but then later change your mind just make sure that the previous meds are out of her system before she consumes the new one. I know how it is to live with ADHD. I have ADHD and I'm 40 and I had it since 7 years old. I am now BIPOLAR. Sometimes ADHD can result in a child being Bipolar. YOu need to ask your parents if they had any of these when they were young or even had families on there side with the same problems. Just because a child has ADHD doesn't mean that they don't know from right or wrong because they do. It makes it more difficult to know that they know they are wrong for doing something they did, One never talk to anyone regarding your daughter's ADHD in front of her because this alone will bring alot of problems such as Lack of self-esteem and the fact that she thinks that she is way to different for other children. You don't want her to be discouraged, you want her to be couraged and guided. If she makes a mistake never tell her that because she's ADHD you will give her a chance and not ground her for what she did. Same rules apply if you was dealing with a child that didn't have ADHD. she still have to know from right and wrong. that is how she will learn from it. If you have any further questions please let me know. I hope this was helpful.

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