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Sarah - posted on 11/21/2014




Those are hard. Just know that it will end at some point. :) Sleep when you can when baby sleeps. Don't worry about what else needs to get done. Your house is not going to look the cleanest. The dishes are not always going to get done. For this time period don't worry about those things. Once you start getting more sleep at night those things will start getting back in order. Also look at the positives with night feedings.....yes you are exhausted and a zombie, but those middle of the night feedings are neat special times too. It is just you and the baby. Everything else is quite and asleep. This is the only time it is just the two of you.

To help baby go back to sleep after those feedings keep the lights down....if you can just have a night light on and use only that light (if possible). Keep tv off and no stimulation with not much interaction if any with the baby for these feedings.
If the baby's diaper is not dirty and is not that wet skip changing the diaper at that feeding.


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Sarah - posted on 11/21/2014




Sarah H. gives great advice, especially about keeping the room dark and quiet. You want baby to learn that nighttime is for sleeping. I put my baby to bed in a nightgown, either a fleece zip-up one or a lightweight one, that made it much easier to change her diaper. I also found that baby would poop (especially a newborn) during the feeding so I would pick baby up and nurse right away on one side. Then as baby started to slow down or doze, I would change her diaper, this would wake her up a bit and make sure she was clean. Then nurse on the other side and put baby back to bed. Yes it is exhausting. I nursed four kids back to back and while it was tough, it is so true that it is a special private time for just the two of you.

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