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Zena - posted on 01/29/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone, I have a son who was born 10 weeks early and he is 18 months now. Since his first birthday, he has not been sleeping well during nights. We have bed time routines. He is waking up more than three times at night and most of the time he stays awake 2 to 3 hours during the night. He is having 1 to 2 hours nap during the day. I tried to skip the day time naps but it did not work. He was very tired around 4 pm. I desperately need help. Please help!!!


Haley - posted on 01/29/2014




Poor baby and mommy! I'm not very aware of your situation but my son has never been a good sleeper. He is 14 months takes one nap and sleeps through the night. Every once in awhile he wakes around four cries and goes back to sleep. I make sure he and his room is perfect. He has a night time routine. At 6:30 he takes a bath, gets into pajamas, has a snack (this has really helped because he gets the extra food in his tummy), reads a book or two, sees his stars (glow in the dark pet that has stars), then he nurses, gets a kiss, and goes into his crib. If he isn't almost a sleep with nursing he is out a few minutes later. His room is very dark. Once the stars come on the light stays off. He has a noise maker. He is not a blanket baby and is always put in a onesie and footed pajama. He likes his room warm (75 degrees). The way I got his sleeping through the night (13 months old) was letting him cry for about 15 mins then going in his room rubbing his back for no longer than 10 mins then leaving. I am sure you have tried everything and I don't have much advice than sharing with you what works for my son. I just think warmth, full tummy, clean diaper, dark room, and a little white noise, and maybe a lovey are the best components for a baby and a constant routine. Keep the same nap and bed schedule. I hope your son gets better. Please let me know if I can help you anymore?

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