night terrors/sleepless nights!! HELP!

Marlise - posted on 07/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Morning ALL moms... please please.. we have done a lot of research and trying all the different ideas out there and suggestions, but we are becoming quite frustrated and useless at this point.
our daughter has been becoming a lot worse at sleeping throughout a night. We have established it may be night terrors and tantrums. We have tried the waking up and soothing, we have tried change of routine. Nothing seems to take or help! it has been on-going for weeks if not months, soon she will be 3 years old. She does not sleep through a night! wakes up screaming and kicking , it seems to be getting worse at this point! needless to say we are all lacking huge amount of sleep in the process and frustration of course is building. We are feeling extremely helpless at this point. PLEASE, is there any other advise or things we can try ??? we are desperate for help. And desperate to know what could be bothering our little one so much! its such a useless feeling... what kind of things could bother her to this extent or ??


Anne - posted on 07/15/2016




I am so glad you took the time to reach out for some guidance. If it were me, I would want all the support I could get. No parent wants to see their child so distraught and then to feel so helpless on top of it all.
There are a couple of factors that come into play here and I would like to share my thoughts with you. I believe the origins of these night terrors can lie in one or more of these three areas;
1. Physical - Your child is in the developmental stages of growing and there's a possibility many of the brain functions are not fully matured. If your doctor hasn't expressed a real concern, you may want to do some research or talk to another doctor and get to the bottom of this. You won't feel better until you do. No two children are wired the same way, so what might help one child, may not help yours.
2. Emotional - Your child's formation of self-worth and self-concept began the moment they were born. Perhaps there are some inconsistencies in the child's life that they cannot process or vocalize so it comes out in an emotional out-pouring such as night terrors.
3. Spiritual - Your child is loved and valued by God. Has there been a movie, a picture, a story, harsh words, scary images, conflicting messages that your child has been exposed to and is reacting to?
I dare not come across like I have the authority to identify the root problem, but I do understand how a child's outlook on life is shaped. Our children are so vulnerable to their world around them and take everything in. I know you will feel so much better once you fully understand why these occurances continue. I want to encourage you to ask questions until you get all of them answered.
I am sorry Momma, that you feel so overwhelmed and out of control. My heart is with you.
Sending you a hug.

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