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My toddler always wets through his diaper at night. I have tried night time diapers as well as night time pull ups and he wets through both of them and wakes up screaming. Does anyone have a solution?


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You could try limiting how much he gets to drink after dinner, or after a certain time (ex: the two hours before bedtime). That can be hard, though, depending on your child. I have had this problem with both my boys because they are SOOO active that they drink a lot of water anyway. But for some reason they are always extra wound up after dinner and seem to forget to drink, so then when they settle in for bed they realize how thirsty they are and ask for a cup and want to just chug down as much as possible. I've tried giving them only a sip but they beg for more and I feel bad. I know I wouldn't want to go to bed feeling parched. What I started doing to keep them really hydrated through the day is to have water bottles available and filled at all times. I do not let them leave the kitchen with their regular cups, but they know they are allowed to carry their water bottles wherever they are playing. I found that the more they drink throughout the day, the less they drink in the half hour (or five minutes!) before bed, so this helped some for us. And I remind them to get little drinks here and there from dinner until bedtime so they're not drinking a ton in the last couple hours, but enough that they're not so thirsty when they crawl into bed and calm down. We rarely have leaks anymore. Also (and this may sound weird but it makes a difference) make sure when when you put on that last diaper at bedtime, that his penis is pointed straight down so the urine isn't all going to the front or one side, because then if he lays on his belly or his side he'll have leaks much easier. If it's pointing down it's going to soak into more of the diaper before leaking out. I learned this when my son was always leaking out one side, then I started noticing when putting his diaper on that his penis would naturally always fall to that side, haha. Sometimes you have to position it to the middle for them, to help ensure everything flows evenly into the diaper. :) Definitely keep using overnight diapers, and maybe even try going up a size and see if that helps any.

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