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Just curious if anyone else has nightmares. When I dream, the dream is usually different, but I often dream in some regard that my teeth are falling out. When I was a kid I had two recurring nightmares (they were always the same). #1 - that logs were rolling over top of me and #2 - that there were blue and pink (dots) jumping like on a TV screen, though they were only dots, I knew they were children playing. One side of the screen was white, the other black. Sometimes a dot would move into the black side of the "screen" and then a hammer would come down and kill them. I had those two dreams from about the time I was 4-5 until I was 11-12. Since then my nightmares vary, sometimes about death, mostly about losing my teeth. I had some pretty vivid pregnancy dreams too. Just wondering if anyone else goes through this, is there any way you've found to decrease them? I wonder if there's some genetic component to nightmares. Both my toddlers are prone to them, my son gets night terrors as well. Anyone hear this?


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I don't know about genetic component other than maybe your family is blessed with active subconscious minds. It's believe by some that everyone has a set of universal symbols that your subconscious mind uses to work through daily problems while you dream and teeth falling out is your subconscious saying your feeling insecure about something. Try writing in a journal or tell yourself you'll have happy dreams as your drifting off to sleep. I personally don't have many nightmares maybe once a year and have very vivid dreams but I've done whats called dream work for years so that I can have some level of control over what I dream. Hope you have more pleasant dreams

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I hadn't heard that it's a genetic thing. My son does have nightmares sometimes. (although what a 2-year-old can imagine that's so terrible, I don't know. Maybe he wants a cracker and can't have it??)

I have very vivid dreams, too. I think your teeth falling out has some sort of significance in the "interpret your dreams" websites, but I don't remember what it is.

I tend to have nightmares about police states, bad soldiers, violence, death, shooting, me accidentally drowning babies/puppies by putting them in a rain barrel instead of into bed, or betraying someone horribly. Also whatever is on the news, I'll probably dream about it. Like the tsunami in Japan, that night I was swirling through the water, I couldn't breathe and there were houses splashing around trying to crush me and I couldn't keep a hold of my baby sister to keep her safe. (she's always a toddler in my dreams even though she's really in her twenties!)

I have three methods I use with varying success to get out of the nightmares.

1) As I wake up, I sort of change the scenario (like if there are a group of men chasing us, I say, "what if there was a car with keys in the ignition right in front of me) and then I try to dive back into the dream with this improvement. Often it works, and I get the group into the car and we pull away just in time, and I can peacefully move into a dreamless sleep. There are some nights it doesn't work to get back in the dream, or it all turns even worse (there's another violent man in the backseat of the car, for example)

2) If that happens, I kind of feel like there is something messing with my head and putting bad thoughts in, it's not just the regular jumble in my own head, so I pray and spend some time with God. When I had nightmares as a kid, my mom would always sing a song about guardian angels and that helped me, so sometimes I hum it.

3) Sometimes it works for me to change physical position. I'll snuggle up to my husband's side of the bed (he doesn't like this because he's such a bad sleeper - I'll talk to him a little and fall asleep feeling better, but then he can't fall asleep for 3 hours)

Often I put my pillow where my feet were and my feet where my head was, and it really helps!

I kind of feel like we're lucky to have such vivid dreams, and the nightmares are just the downside of that. Sorry for the novel, hope the suggestions help a little. :)

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