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my 2 yr old almost 3 yr old. watched a scary movie last night w my fiance, later he took a nap then started freakin out screaming hids head off. took a awhile to get him calm. when it was bed time he went to bed no problem bout a half hour later woke up screaming and crying again took him out to the livingroom and could not get him calmed down. when i eventually did 5 mins into him sleeping he woke up screaming and crying again. calmed him down once we put him in bed w us and started crying again. every 5 mins or so he would fall asleep but then would wake up screaming again saying no no no mommy mommy. seems like everytime hed fall asleep hed instantly wake up in tears. this went on from 1230am to about 11am. this was the 1st time he had done that. other than jus fussing he didnt want to go to bed like he does sometimes. he told me nothing was wrong, he wasnt in ne pain. so im hoping it was jus from the movie.


Jodi - posted on 10/22/2013




It probably was just the movie. But don't dismiss that as something minor. It was really not a good idea to be showing a 3 year old scary movies - it can be quite traumatic for them. To you it might be "just from the movie" but for him it is seriously upsetting!! Why would you allow this to happen? Now you will have to deal with the consequences (and unfortunately, so will your child). I would suggest you continue to comfort him when he needs it, try to let him know it isn't real (although this can be difficult with a child this age who saw something that was realistic to him) and maybe next time think twice about what you allow him to watch. Ratings are there for a reason.

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