Nintendo DS and Adhd

Sandy - posted on 03/22/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 8 year old has ADHD he was doing very well, Is on Metadate and Zoloft. He stopped sucking on his shirt and social issues we had at school had decreased. He got a Nintendo DS for christmas and at first let him use it unlimited. Then once I saw how involved he would be and wouldn't even hear us while playing it, I limited it to one hour a day and 2 hours on weekend. I have since only let him use it on weekends for 1 hour a day. He since christmas has returned to sucking his shirt and socially not appropriate at school with his peers. I have also noticed He has a difficult time separating cartoon from reality. He has asked me a couple times when we are doing something if "this is real or cartoon" Does any one else have this happen?


Barbara - posted on 03/22/2011




Because you are concerned, I agree with Belinda to talk to his doctor about the return of his inappropriate behaviors. It takes time for the meds to get worked out and find the right dose. As he grows and goes through physical changes he will need adjustment up or down in his medication doses.

And while what Brittany said is true about most people zoning out or focusing exclusively on a video game, it should not be allowed to become an obsession, which can happen with ADHD persons.

The difficulty with separation could be a phase and age related or it could be a need for a med adjustment. And remember, he is an 8 year old and ADHD or not, he is still a kid and do what kids do...

Good luck.

Belinda - posted on 03/22/2011




I would continue to limit the use of his nintendo and talk to his doctor about adjusting his meds. I think you should also talk to him about real and cartoon. Continue to emphasize that everything that he watches on tv or any game he plays is pretend and not real. You might want to find out if he is playing different computer games away from your house - at a friend or relative. These games can sometimes become overwhelming and seem to be more real than life.
Good Luck!


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Sounds more like he just wants attention to me. Everyone who plays videogames zones out like that. It's normal.

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