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son is now 6 he has been under the supposed care of the children’s hospital he has been seen by various paedtrians and other specialist trying to make this short we have fought battles and have even been targeted in a witch hunt mainly me has being a father. so many people in the health profession trying everything to stop us finding out what happened to the care of our child in the women’s and the children’s hospital. we have all been subjected to bullying threatening our son with social services which I stood up and fought back and asked the social services to investigate the dr who neglected our son and not refer him to any specialist when he was showing signs of real distress it was me who got him seen about his squint. now my son showed signs from a very early age I’ve read about people’s children on here being prescribed melatonin which our son has been described also last week I read of almost every child who is on it suffers with Asperger’s autism or hdhd hdd something like that. My son eyes are sensitive to light not so much now he has a squint to his left eye also. now they say he has a stigma to both where they both drift outwards although when we brought him to them he only had drifting of left eye he suffers cramps in his legs he is a very high tip toe walker his left leg is and was the problem because his right foot goes on its toes to substitute the left. I’ve been telling these so called specialist from the start up until last week that it’s his left side which is affected. he has had a mri scan they said it came back normal they scanned our son on his side for his spine which can’t be ideal I mentioned when my son tries to stand with his feet flat his back arches over so how can his spine be right. Now which’d shocked me is that the dr who we spoke to say the MRI scan was fine but it might in later years show that his brain might be damage now we thought he was clear but this news to me makes the MRI scan none the wiser. I know this is not a English site but there is a f1 driver Lewis Hamilton who lives in America whose brother nick is cerebral palsy I’ve read about him and he gives a lot of the same problems which my son haves. My son has only been diagnosed with idiopathic tip toe gait. my son at week-old had a uti we was told then changed to vesico reflux which is identical to gastro reflux we took our son from the women’s got him home then he was suffering from projectile vomiting when fed. we took him to the children’s hospital explained that his mother didn’t wind him for 1 week because the nurses refused to show her, and because I was helping the nurses turn her over in bed I did my back in and was crippled in bed for that week. anyway we got to the children’s hospital where they dismissed gastro problems after we explained about the events at the women’s years later when I started to investigate about how our sons life changed for the worst when we kept constantly going to his gp and she just kept refusing to look at the changes like standing on his tip toes, trying to poke his eyes out hitting his head with his hand and up the wall cramps in his feet and fingers, squint which was diagnosed when I went through a longer channel to get him seen. when he had his primary’s vaccinations he started to change and his swelling in the injection site took way too long to go down. It came to the stage where he pulled out all the top of his hair but some was falling out also. we have been through so much caring for our disabled child and his sibling who has rickets and had to go through asking questions about the care and after care of our child and have been through so much threats and constantly not sleeping because I’m always trying to be on guard from the next attack from these people who work in the health industry. I have gone down the protocols of we called it over here the health ombudsman which are supposed to be partial all I’ve got off them is from the start refusing to look at the cases then I had to drop 2 cases the one they finally looked at they just held it out for over two years I spent most of the time appealing and even went through some of the same treatment I was complaining about. They treated me and my son with no respect apart from one member earlier on who disagreed with other members to look at the case when they were refusing. I also sent documents to my MP over there you call it member of congress I think. its came down to the point where the ombudsman refused to cover the case and I sent them materials on side effects of some of the medications our son received under the children’s hospital and they should of been a red light when my son was showing all those symptoms and would the specialist the ombudsman used come up with the same answers they gave. As soon as I sent that with other facts of my sons medical note blunders they closed the case and said go down juridical process but months before they said I shouldn’t go down that route because I won’t win. well why don’t they answer my queries. Sorry for the long one thank you anyone who reads this and have been through this or near ordeal our hearts are stronger together and we will keep pushing for the protection of our children. and if there are any book writers out there please contact because the only way we can actually get answers now I believe is to publish or have a film made of this and other bad ordeals we have been through god bless x

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