No financial support from his father, yet has another new car?

Amy - posted on 03/20/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Oscar is 5. I moved him and I away from his father when he was 14 months old, due to the endless streams of lies and his lack of ability to keep a job.
Stephen has every symptom of Munchhausens Disorder, having lied his way into my life with dream-like memories of adventures, then losing every job because of it.
He is a self-harmer, (a carpet-fitter by trade and has access to very sharp tools - never without a bandage on his arm and several stitches). The latest illness was last year's brain tumour which has never been mentioned since and his appeared to have been miraculously cured with some pills.
I have asked him many times for help towards Oscar, always with some random excuse of no work, no option, yet has a brand new car, phone, clothes. Regales me with more stories of offers of work, yet doesn't see the irony that he now owes me in the thousands towards financial help towards his own child.

Does anyone have any experience of anything like this? Asking the government to intervene is pointless. He refuses to tell me where he lives or works. His life and financial position he keeps absolutely secret from me so I cannot ask.

When I do ask him, he delves up my past (I used to drink too much to try to avoid the problems he left me with (8th June 2013 was the last time I touched alcohol). He brings that up to bring him down to his level, as he admits he's "been shit", yet does nothing towards making a difference to this.

I need help. Please?


Michelle - posted on 03/20/2014




You have 2 choices really, get court orders in place because then they will track him down and try and get payment or walk away and do it on your own.
IMO you really should get court orders, even if he won't pay but you do have to be prepared for him to want visitation. Child support and visitation are 2 separate issues though and your son does have a right to have a relationship with his Father.
Of course your ex isn't going to tell you what he earns, you don't need to know. That's why the courts should be involved.

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