no intimacy fro over 10 years

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My husband and I are living like room mates. He likes to stay up until 3-4 in the morning and sleep until 1-2 pm on his days off. He only leaves the house to go to work, go to the gym and go to the dump. He does not like to socialize with friends. I like people, like to go out, like to socialize, like to explore new places. I got laid off last year and would have a much harder life if I left him. It would be hard to leave my home also. I don't hate him it is just that I am tired of always being alone when I am out of the house as he will not accompany me anywhere because he likes to be in the house. He reads things on the computer, works in his wood shop, reads things on the internet and likes to teach himself things. He doesn't need human interaction very much and is pretty self sufficient. He eats about 6 different kinds of foods which he makes for himself and eats in front of the computer. He is intelligent and helpful to me around the house. He is a good and steady provider. There is no intimacy between us which he doesn't seem to miss. I know 100% that he is not having an affair and never did - he just doesn't seem to have the same needs that I do. Am I missing something? Is it worth it for me to leave my nice home and easy financial situation (he pays all of the bills) in exchange for probably living in a house with other older women and maybe meeting a mate I can share my life with?


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I guess the question is, do you want to salvage your marriage and have a relationship with this man? If you do, I would suggest marriage counseling for certain. Clearly he is not meeting your needs, and if you have not discussed this with him already, it is time to have a very serious conversation about your definition of a relationship. If you are both interested, marriage counseling it is. If you don't, then yeah you need to end it.

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