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What do you do when your body no longer responds to the pump. I nurse most days but now i'm back in school for quite a large chunk of the day. I try to use my pump to help keep my supply up but i get just barely a few drops from 20 minutes of pumping. I need a way to express this milk when i'm not home and for some reason hand expressing doesn't work so well for me either, I can't control the spurts so they fly across the room.......not a good look when i'm not home.

I wondered if getting a manual pump might work, currently I have a dumple pump express medela. After nursing so long it might as well be nonexistent, it does absolutely nothing for me. What can i do?


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is it possible that your pump needs maintenance? Medela pumps generally don't need maintenance but how old is yours? has it seen tons of use?m i would check/replace the membranes, and check the tubing to make sure those are in good condition.

make sure you are completely relaxed, also. i exclusively pump and if i am at all tense, i can't letdown.

trying a manual is worth a shot, i respond very well to the electric, and not at all to the manual...some women have better luck with the manual because you can try to match the pace of the sucking to how your little one does it.

good luck!

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I pumped for 6.5 months as my daughter would never nurse. I ended up running out of milk and it got painful so I stopped. I had a lower production once in a while. I found the only way to get it up again was to pump more then a day or 2 later the supply would be up again. I also had to be real careful not to miss (who needs a social life) and also had to at night or it made me loose alot of milk. I do believe there are pills (natural and some not) you can get. Maybe talk to a doctor or go to a health food store.

Victoria - posted on 08/20/2010




I have heard that when you start leaking that's the time that the baby is actually hungry. So if you start leaking while you ARE at home, maybe you should try pumping and giving your baby the bottle instead of breastfeeding. Maybe you'll be able to pump a little more than what the baby actually eats and you can save some for later too. I'm not exactly sure how it works but I thought the more milk you expell the more your body will make around that time to keep up with the demand. Just a guess though. I'd call the doctors office and ask them about that though.

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