No more crib??

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When is the best age to convert crib to toddler bed, and then when do you move from toddler bed to twin size bed?

My son is 16 months. He's 30 pounds, & 33 inches. He has NOT attempted to climb out of the crib YET, but I know he's more than capable because of all the stuff he DOES climb. So we converted the crib to a toddler bed today. We are going to try it out, and see how it goes. I put a bed rail on it, so he don't roll out. And after he gets good at this bed but before we have another baby, we will switch him to a twin size bed.... Probably when he's around 2 or 3. (we are currently ttc, no luck so far). I kept the baby monitor in his room, so I'll hear him when he wakes up and his room is completely baby proofed.What do you all think??


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Jennifer I said almost three. All of mine were in till about 2 1/2 or just slightly under or over. That is very normal here. Nobody here moves there child till at least 2.

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We actually went from a crib right into a twin size bed. We opted not to use a toddler bed because we felt our son will have many different things he will need to adjust to in life. We did get him a trundle bed which has worked out great. He upgraded on his mattress and right before bed we pull out the trundle bed just in case he rolls. We did wait to take him out of his crib until he stopped rolling around so much which I think has helped a lot. He is 2 1/ yrs old and has been sleeping in his big boy bed for 2 months now. He is doing great. The one thing we did have to teach him was that when he wakes up he can climb out of the bed himself. I would definitely recommend switching your son to a twin bed as soon as soon as you become pregnant this way it will give him months to adjust and he won't feel like he was pushed into it because of the baby. By doing it the way we have done it our son will have another 6 months to adjust to the big boy bed and big baby room. Good luck :)

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My son is 15 months old and at the moment I don't think he is ready to move from his cot to his bed (he has a cot bed) because I don't think he would stay in it. He is just learning that he is tired and he wants to go to bed, he points at his cot now to tell us to put him in it, so I think in a few months he will be ready.

We are expecting again (due June) and are hoping to have my son's new bedroom decorated and him in there by March, so he doesn't think the baby is stealing his room! I am thinking I will change his cot to the cot bed by then but we'll see (my SIL is giving us her barely used cot-bed for the new baby). If you think your son is ready for a bed go for it, you know him better than anybody else.

Oh and I still use my monitors as well, it helps me rest knowing that if he does wake up in the night I will hear him and know (although it is really rare now that he wakes).


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Susan - posted on 01/10/2011




My 3 girls are are well past teh baby stage; my youngest is 9 now and i think each child and parent is different. With our first we bought a toddler bed and forced her out of the crib at 22 months becasue another baby was due. She was not emotionally ready and after the first week refused to sleep unless we put her back in her crib. She stayed in the crib until her sister was almost 2 months and needed the crib and then again was forced out. My 2nd daughter was over 2 and she wanted a bed her big sister had a bed. With our 4rd daughter she was over 3 and we were in no rush. I was never worried about kids falling as much as worried about sleeping through them getting up and getting into trouble.

They are babies for such a short little time why is everyone in such a rush. My advice would be let your son decide.

Ashley - posted on 01/04/2011




my oldest was around 16 months when she made this move too so I say if you feel ok about it and it works out for the child.. and everything is safe around the child way too go!

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I do agree w/ Sherri about the 'marketing ploy' of a toddler bed. They aren't really necessary.... just get bed rails for a twin bed. We lucked out as shortly after putting our twins on the floor.... a friend of mine was getting rid of two toddler bed frames. Otherwise they would've been on the floor for about a year. ;)

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We put our girls in toddler beds (actually started w/ mattress on the floor cuz didn't have the beds yet) shortly after they turned 2 cuz they wouldn't stop climbing in and out of their cribs all day. They got bunk beds shortly after turning 3.... and still have the same bed 6 years later.

My son's crib converted to a toddler bed which I did to keep him IN his bed.... also right around 2. We share a room and I wanted him in his own bed, but couldn't keep up the energy of sticking him back in his crib over and over again. This way I just roll him right out of my bed and back into his.... lol!

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We put our daughter in a toddler bed at 13 months I had it in her room for approximately a month before she moved to it so she could learn how to climb in and out safely we never had any issues with the transition, now at 20 minutes we sometimes find her on the floor by the door but that is because she was fighting going to sleep

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We moved my son at 16 months and he did fine....I personally could not imagine having an almost 3 year old in a crib.

Sherri - posted on 01/03/2011




I never did the toddler bed thing there is just no need, it is a marketing ploy. We went straight from the crib to a twin bed at almost 3yrs old with all 3 kids. They never climbed out ever so no need to move them before then.

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It depends on the child. If you look at the toddler beds, it is recommended to wait until at least 15 months, so he is within the right age. I switched my first to a toddler bed at 20 months and my second at 18 months and neither of my kids ever tried to climb out of the crib. Toddler beds have a small rail on either side and they are a lot lower to the ground, so even if they have a restless sleep and happen to fall off, they will be okay. As for a twin sized bed, we switched my first at around 3.5 years and my second, unsure as he is only 28 months. Whatever decision you make will be fine.

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With my DD we converted the crib to "toddler" bed at 22 months. She wasn't climbing out yet, but I thought we would get her used to it since we have a baby on the way...She will sleep in her full size bed now too (she only fell out once). She seems to think she is stuck in the bed so she cries for mommy or daddy to get her up every day. :o) But I am sure eventually she will decide to get out and play, which is fine with me.

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Allison - I tried the pack & play already... He climbs out of it or gets under the matress & throws it out. Both of which scare me. Just not safe. Also with the crib, he hasn't tried to get out yet, but if he did, he'd hurt himself. So by converting our crib to a toddler bed he can now just get out of bed. As easily as he does getting off the couch.

Amy- I used a monitor still just cuz I'm not ready to get rid of it. We live in a small house and I can hear him without it, but I sleep better with it.

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We skipped the toddler bed and did a twin bed that was against the wall on one side and had a side rail catch [can buy at the store pretty cheap] so they wouldn't fall out. My son right now is 20 months and we just took the one side off his crib. First night he did fine, second night he fell out [about a foot or so from the floor]. He cried for mom, I laid him down and he was fine and went right to bed. My son has been able to climb out for some time. My daughter at 18 months went from a crib with sides to a full sized bed with a side rail simply because it's what we had and didn't have money to buy a million beds. Then, what do you do with the toddler bed? I haven't used a monitor for my son since he was 10 months old. I can hear him when he wakes up - he talks to his animals quite loudly.

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I think 16 months is really young, but I guess it depends on the child. I waited until 2 years and that worked quite well. By that age they are proud to be in a big kid bed and are able to adapt to it rather quickly. You may find them hanging out of their bed the first 2 nights, but they should be pretty good by number 3.

I don't understand why you are in such a hurry. You could always put him in a pack and play if your concerned about him climbing out. But ultimately, you will see what works and what doesn't.

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