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It was a Domestic Violence cituation. I have two children, the court gave me full custody of them, their father can visit them only with supervised visitations. He never contacted the court to claim the visitation. My children asked about him and I decided to call him last year and let him talk to them and I told him that he needs to help me to support them financially; his asnwer was "I will never pay child support to you because you stole my kids. He knew our PO Box but never try to contact the children again. Now they are asking me what is their dad's name and wy he does not come to the visitation place. I try to avoid to answers by - let's play or let's go to the store or something else-- What should I answer?


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Just answer them truthfully. That you don't KNOW why he doesn't come to visitation, that you can't answer that for him. I mean, that IS the truth, unless he has specifically told you why he won't visit them. How old are your children?

With regard tot he child support, I am not sure where you live, but if it has been ordered in the court order, can they not garnish his wages?

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