NOISE! My son has adhd and seems to have no volume control.

Kim - posted on 02/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




He does not have any hearing problems, he is just loud naturally and gets even louder when he gets excited. It is giving me mental fatigue. I have begun avoiding the rooms where he is playing, if I don't the noise wears on me and I lose patience with the whole family. How do I get him to quiet down? I will remind him he is too loud but two minutes later he is back to full volume.

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Amanda - posted on 02/02/2012




Sounds exactly like my son. The only volume he seems to have is loud or louder, quiet voices are not in his vocabulary and an indoor voice is non exsistant.

On days where he will listen for more than 2 seconds I tell him if he wants to scream and shout he can do it his room with the door closed.

Other than that I try and make sure that I keep a calm quiet voice when I talk to him in the hope he follows my lead, sometimes it works other days it doesn't.

Emily - posted on 02/02/2012




Unfortunatly I have no advice for you, I have the same issue with my daughter (she's 7). We finaly bit the bullet and took her to the Dr for some meds, I'm hoping that will help. If you find anything that works, I'm all ears!!

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