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Syleena - posted on 10/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Is anyone here a long-distance Non-custodial parent and still in contact with their child? My 3 year old live with his grandparents and we Skype occasionally. It is hard to know what level of communication is best for him as I am very far away. Am I hurting him more by trying to have a long distance relationship with him? There is no handbook for this type of relationship. If you were the custodial parent, would you encourage your child's mother to seek a relationship with him under these conditions?


Ev - posted on 10/29/2014




I am the non-custodial in the joint arrangement I have with my ex. Though we did not live that far away (half hour drive or so), I still kept up with my kids though they were older than yours when the divorce happened. Its your right to be able to talk to your kiddo anytime within reason. And the one with custody can not keep you from doing so unless there is some sort of thing in the custody agreement that states otherwise. You should connect with your child as often as you can...once a day if you can. It helps keep you close.

Dove - posted on 10/29/2014




I do not know why you are not the custodial parent, but yes.. absolutely. Unless you were abusive to him and he is afraid of you, you should absolutely be contacting him at least once a week... preferably daily.


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