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my divorce was around 4 years ago, and i feel as if I am being bullied by my ex and his wife. Kids are taken to urgent care for something that happened days before and I get notified as they are headed out and I'm an hour away and don't hear what the results are. Now they are being taken to a dentist one of his choosing not the one I have them set up with.....I'm so irritated that he doesn't communicate with me but TELLS me what is being done. I was always the primary care taker, and have been to every event, every appoint of my kids life. Now I feel he is taking ME out of the picture for new step mom to (replace her dead daughter) feel like a mom. The attorney I have says well you were with him for 20 years you should be use to him. Well fact is he was NEVER a father and all this is new wife driven. I'm lost as to what my rights are as they feel like they are being taken away.


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What do your court orders regarding primary legal custody say? If he's violating custody orders, then you need to pursue it.
If medical/dental care was not addressed in your initial orders, then I would suggest that you have your attorney petition for an amendment.
If medical/dental is his responsibility, then you may not have much say. Ask your attorney


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Jodi - posted on 07/21/2015




In addition to what the others have said, do you notify him every time you take them to a dentist/doctor?

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Unless you have been stripped of your parental rights, you are legally entitle to access all of your children's' medical records. So call the urgent care center and the dentist and request a copy of the chart. Do they see a dentist when they are with you? If so, why would they need to go to another? If he is responsible for the insurance and paying for the dentist fees, then he probably has the right to chose the dentist. These things can all get laid out in your custody orders through the court, but it seems like a waste of time. While I get your frustration, it is not hurting your kids.

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