Non custodial parent taking forever to pay her half of medical.

Ashley - posted on 04/22/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My step daughter had fillings on the 31st of March. We let "Martha" know about it and the cost on the 18th when Morgan had her cleaning. She has sent she sent it 3 times and is now telling us she will hand it to us on the 27th. Its only $125.00 which isn't huge but its still the fact that she does this every time Morgan has to go to the doctor for anything. Most the time if its under $100 we just eat it rather then take the verbal abuse and lies from her.

We received custody of Morgan in 2010 and agreed to no child support of any kind. In 2012 after some insurance issues and her refusing to pay any part of Morgans insurance we took her back to mediation and she agreed to pay $300 a month for 2 years to cover back payments on insurance then after that $250 a month for insurance. She told us she could not afford child support and we respected that.

The problem is that she lied. In the past 2 years she's bought a new car and had a baby, and is living very well off.

My question is do you think we should go back for child support, we could honestly use it? But people keep telling us since she has got married and got her life together that there is a chance that the court will give custody to her because she is the mother.

We believe if the rolls were reversed we would be paying out our a** in child support and insurance to her because she is a women, are we wrong? Would we risk custody if we went back to court?


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Jodi - posted on 04/22/2014




Personally, I think it sucks that you have to continually go back to court for child support - those lawyers have it sewed up, don't they? We just have an agency that calculate it based on your taxes AND collect it for you (although you do have to hassle them sometimes).

Anyway, I would suggest you could have child support revisited. In most places these days, whether mother or father doesn't matter with custody. if this child has had stability in your home on an ongoing basis, they are likely to consider the status quo. You have to consider that the new husband may be paying for the lifestyle and your partner's child isn't his responsibility. She is allowed to live it and have someone else pay for it. That doesn't mean someone else should pay your child's bills. Yes, sure, it makes her an irresponsible mother, but she actually may not be able to afford it - it may not be her money. So it depends on where the money is coming from.

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This is a question for your husband's attorney. No one here is an attorney, and any advice given should always be confirmed with an actual legal authority.

Custody is not as cut & dried as you've been told. People don't get custody simply because 'she's the mother'. There are reasons that the child was moved into her father's custody, and that will not be ignored.

Encourage your husband to visit with his attorney.

JUDITH - posted on 04/22/2014




I've had the same fear. I've also waited for child support payment for months and never did a thing about it because of the fear that my ex would take me for shared Custody of my Son. I've actually never even taken him back to court to ask for an increase in child's been the same for the past 8 years even though I know he makes more money. I figure - I'll just keep track of what he owes and go back to court in 2 years before my Son turns 18 to make sure that they have a record of everything he owes. He WILL have to pay it all back - even though my Son will be over 18 by the time he is finished. Sorry, I don't know if this helps much... I just didn't want to risk losing my Son over money.

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