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Elmira - posted on 01/04/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have an 19 months old boy, which he cannot stop ! He constantly is around house and try to touch and play with what ever thats is " nit allowed" for instant , if he sees our phone he is directly want to grab, if he sees a cabinet open goes on it, if we leave the tv remote on table he clam all the way and grab it, and i feel like I'm all day telling no no no , he just wont stop if he goes to our bed room he open all drawers and remove every thing out and touch everything for your info also he already been discovering those things and nothing is new but i feel he is not interested in playing , i use to take him to my gym and i stop bcz he wont sit in my lap and play he would go directly to stereo and touch bottoms, and i go and remove him for an hour session, also in our compound when i take him to indoor playground if he sees a dad or mother with cellphone he would go and stay there ask them the phone , or if he sees they have food he go and i have to keep remove him and put him to play again and again and again and he keep going back , i really don't know what i have do, he even don't like to sit in high chair and eat, he would walk around house touch things n come ask another spoon, but still i try to put him to sit as much as possible, please some one help meeeee !!!
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He sounds like a normal little toddler exploring his world. At this age, this IS his play. You need to allow him some level of exploration, as it is stimulating his senses and allowing him to develop. Trying to make him just sit and play as opposed to exploring goes totally against the nature of a child. If it is a major issue (something important) you can keep it out of his reach until he learns the boundaries (or shut the door of your bedroom). With other things, as long as it is safe for him, you can use to continue to be consistent about your consequences. He will "get it" eventually. However, I will advise to pick your battles. You don't want to totally stop him from exploring.

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my daughter was like that at that age and what worked for us was strict boundaries. for instance, we keep our dvd racks in the living area and she LOVED taking out all the dvds on an almost daily basis. instead of taking them away (I believe that doesn't teach her to resist the urge to touch), I would follow a routine with her; she would get a warning, "we do not touch those, they are not to be played with. Please go play with your toys." if she refused to move, I would tell her she needs to go elsewhere or she would get spanked and then I would count to three before getting a bap on the butt. I know some moms don't do the spanking things, if you are one of them I would recommend timeout. consistency and follow through are key with whatever consequence you choose. shortly after I started that routine, my daughter learned that if I gave her a warning and got to #2 on the countdown to get her booty in gear and respect what has been requested of her (usually she listens with just a warning now but she's a toddler, she pushes buttons every now and then). teach your son boundaries now and you will thank yourself for the rest of his life! :) good luck!


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